Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kyler!

Can you believe that my baby is 5 tomorrow?!!! Yikes!!! Last night I put together a little collection of photos of Kyler from the past five years.Isn't he so handsome?! And he is such a great big brother and helper. Plus, he is very smart and constantly makes people laugh.

We celebrated his birthday the entire time we were in Disney. He wore a pin and dozens of people wished him a happy birthday. He thought it was magic that they knew it was his birthday (he can't read yet!). Plus, he had people sing to him at 3 different restaurants! He even had a cupcake for breakfast!!! He liked it so much that he licked every last bite of it!!!!

So tomorrow, Kyler is bringing cupcakes to school to share with his friends in class. Then we are going to pick him up early so he can ride his new bike that we gave him!!! He got to pick what we are having for dinner. Do you believe that he picked Meatloaf???? I am also making his favorite dessert- Banana Cream pie.

Then on Sunday, Kyle is having a dinosaur birthday party with some of is friends.

That is a lot of celebrating! And he told me today "Mommy, my birthday is going really fast."

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