Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kyler's Dino Birthday Party

Wow- we have a had a long weekend! The weathr was amazing! It was 77-79 each day! So we spent the weekend riding bikes, going to the park, jumping on the trampoline and having Kyler's 5th birthday party!!! He picked a dinosaur theme and he had such a good time!

This is Kyler with a good friend from his piano class.

And here is my birthday boy getting ready for cake!

Now isn't this cute?! I got dinosaur noses for Kyler and for the winners of the games. Now check out his cake...

Tashana's mom made it and it was so cute that I hated cutting into it! But it was good!
Kyler got lots more gifts. Right now he is watching one of his new movies and will be asleep very soon as everyone was exhausted!

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