Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Camping Trip

We took the kids for our first family camp trip this past weekend. We just went to Mount Lemon since it was close and the weather was great. The kids had so much fun. When I put them to bed tonight they said that can't wait to go again. Kyler said it was the best campout ever. So cute!

The kids favorite part was the camp fire and smores! After we ate we sang kiddie songs around the fire. Oh so fun!

Scott found a rope swing going across a small canyon. All of us gave it a try!

And we went to Rose Canyon Lake for a picnic....

The kids did so well!!! They all slept perfectly in the tent!!! And they LOVED going exploring. The collected sticks for the fire and pinecombs to bring to school. We are looking foward to our next camp trip!

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