Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dance Class!!!!

Today was Makenzie's first day of her Ballet/Tap class. She has been looking foward to this for the longest time!!!! She has been watching Angelina Ballerina and practicing her dance moves all summer!!!

I took some pics on our way out the door, but the sun was in her eyes and she was squinting. I didn't realize that until I uploaded them later. But you can still tell how cute she is!!!

Check out her cool dance bag that Mammy got her for her birthday. It has her name embroidered on it to but you can't see it in the pic...

And here is a pic she let me snap at the studio of her in her new tap shoes....

Ahe LOVED this class!!! It was so much better than the Parks and Rec class the twins took over the summer! There were only 2 other girls in the class with her and the teacher was fantastic with the kiddos. They did some ballet moves for a half hour and then they learned a tap dance. It wa so sweet to watch!! And she was so proud of herself!!! When we got home, she wanted to get her dance shoes back on to practice!!!
I am sure you will be seeing more dance pictures in the future!

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