Thursday, September 17, 2009


Last night, we took the whole family up to Phoenix Children's Hospital for the KTAR Radiothon. I didn't even think I would be nervous, but for some reason- I got nervous right before we went on the air. It was just so weird. Their were so many people and it was such a well oiled machine! And I have never been on the radio before. Scott, Kyler and I did the interview. I think it went well. It happened so fast!!!

I hope that our story helped the hosiptal. We do believe very strongly in the cause. Phoenix Children's Hosiptal in a non profit hospital. That is not the case with most hospitals. So they depend on donations to keep the place going. I hope that you never need to bring a child to PCH, but if you do- you will feel blessed that they are there!!!! They have some of the top pediatricians on the west coast!!! And they care so much about making kids better. AND about taking care of the families too.

Ok that is enough of my advertising!!!! They did video tape our interview. If I can figure out how- I might put the video up on this blog. We'll see!!!!

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