Monday, August 31, 2009

C is for cookie......

....and that's good enough for me!!!!

I am LOVING letter C week!!! Today we baked Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!! Now why didn't I think to bake brownies during letter B week?!!! I need a re-do!!!! Anyway, th girls and I maked cookies today to take to the nice firefighters that we met yesterday. Plus we kept some for us!!!

Now just look at these cuties....
And Kenzie's lip is almost better!!! (Oh if you aren't a Facebook friend- I should explain: Last week Makenzie jumped and fell in the bath tub. He tooth went right through her lip. It wasn't too pretty. I had to take her to the hospital. Thank goodness, Scott was home because this kind of thing usually happens when he is at work!!! Makenzie was real lucky that she didn't break her tooth or need stitches!!! They put some dermabond on it and we were on our way!!!)

And the finished product.......

The girls sampled the chocolate chip cookies after their lunch of corndogs and cheese sticks. I think I might be taking this letter C thing a little far!!!!

And here are just a couple pics of them doing some coloring with crayons!

I know this pic is fuzzy but I just love the cute smile on Laynee's face!!!

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