Monday, August 10, 2009

Kyler's First Day of Kindergarden!

Today was Kyler's very first day of Kindergarden!He really didn't seem to care when we talked about it during the summer. But then he got to see the classroom and meet his teacher lst week- and then he got super excited!!! All weekedn, he was talking about it. He was especially excited about hsi new shoes and backpack!!!!

For the first day he was sporting a cool Tony Hawk polo and Osh Kosh shorts! Very handsome!

And here is the backpack that Handy Manny gave Kyler when we were in Disneyland!

Here we are at his school....

And he he is in his classroom before we left him...

He didn't cry or anything. I knew he wouldn't.
When he first saw Scott at the end of the day he said "Kindergarden is so fun!" But by the time I got to ask him when he got home he said, "Kindergarden was a lot of work and I am tired. And I didn't get to eat my yellow cake." Turns out he couldn't open the twinkie that I put in his lunch and he didn't ask anyone for help. Oops! But he still hasn't stopped talking about Kindergarden! He kept telling the girls during dinner that if they weren't good, they would have to go to the principal's office. lol!!! But the teacher did say that he was exceptionally well behaved! That's my boy!!!

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Allison and Mason: said...

Ironwood Elementary! I totally recognize it. I went there! What a cute little kindergardener.