Sunday, August 23, 2009

Letter of the Week- A

We sure have been keeping busy these last few days!!! Lots of shopping, errands, and family time! It was a fun week and a fun weekend! And so much more to look foward to!

So while Kyler is in school, I make sure to have some learning time with the girls. It's like a homeschool pre school! I do it mostly because the girls miss going to their pre school and miss Kyler while he is in Kindergarden. But I also think it is good for them to do art projects, practice writing letters and have story time. So each week- we are going to focus on a different letter. Last week, we worked on the letter A. I was so proud of them!!! The twins can write a captital and lowercase A fairly well. And all three girls can recognize an A when they see it in a book or in their names. It's a great start!

Here are a couple pics of them practicing on our chalkboads......
It was such a hit!!!! I got them for a couple dollars at Lakeshore Learning store!!! Kids love them!
Then one day last week, I had a dr. appointment and babysat Brady. So Scott headed up the learning time!!! All three girls made these cute Alligators! I am so proud! Of Scott. And the girls!

And another day they did some worksheets and coloring sheets that I printed online......

My girls......

We are starting Letter B tomorrow!!!! Making paper birds this week!!! Anyone want to guest teach in my pre school class????!!! : )

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