Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Funny Dinner Conversation

I am pretty good about scrapbooking events like holidays and vacations and birthdays. But my very favorite things to scrapbook are just the everyday stuff. I feel like my kid will remember our big holiday traditions when they grow up. But they won't remember what we did all day when they were 4. Or the funny things they said. And I think it is those things that really tell the story of their childhood. So today I have a simple scrapbook layout that tells the story of a funny dinner we had last week....
Here is what the jounaling says:
When I picked Kyler up from Kindergarden, I told him that we were having Pork Chops for dinner. I was a bit shocked when he said "Pork Chops come from a pig. My teacher said so." I laughed and thought nothing more of it.Later, all 6 of us are eating our delicious meal when Kyler decided to inform all of his sisters as to where pork chops comes from! He went on to say "I love eating pig!" This was making it slightly more difficult to enjoy my dinner. But, when the kids all started going "oink oink" I decided I was DONE with my pork chop!!!Then suddenly Kyler says, "Ouch! I just ate the pig mouth and it bit me!" Oh, the joys of eating with 4 kiddos! I wouldn't trade it for anything. But I think it will be a while before we make pork chops again!

I just love how the kids make us laugh all the time!!!!

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