Monday, August 17, 2009


This will come as a complete shock for most of you.....but I don't have any new pictures to share! Weird!

I just wanted to update you on Kyler's progres in Kindergarden. He learned how to write his last name today!!! It took me a year to teach him how to write his first name and his Kindergarden teacher taught him, how to write his last name in just a week!!! Plus, he knows the Pledge of Alleigence. And several different words in sign language. I am soooooo proud of him. And the best part....he loves going to school!!!

Scott starts school tomorrow. Just 16 weekes until he graduates!!!

I will start school next month.

And I need to ask for some prayers......I am heading to the doctor on Wednesday. Last week, they found a lump in my breast. I am going for an ultrasound and possibly a mamogram. I am sure it is nothing....but I can't help but fear the worst from time to time. Prayers are appreciated!

I will take more pictures this week, I promise!

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