Friday, August 7, 2009

Laynee's 3rd Birthday

Monday was Laynee's birthday. We had already celebrated in Disney and at the part the day before. But we couldn't just ignore the day!!! We had to have some fun! So I took all three girls to have a pedicure!!! They LOVED it!!!! They even had little flowers painted on their big toes!

My birthday girl....

And the finished toes....

I took Laynee for Wendy's for lunch. It was just the 2 of us. She loves french fries so much that we knew he birthday couldn't go by without some frnech fries!!!!
Later, we helped the kids to paint paper plates and made them into our party hats. This turned out to be quite a messy project!!! But the kids had fun and that is all that counts!

I asked Laynee what she wanted for her birthday dinner. She wanted Mac and Cheese!!! So that's what she got!!!

Modeling the home-made party hats....

Daddy made cupcakes for Laynee!!

Happy Birthday, Laynee!!!

We have celebrated 4 birthdays in the past 2 weeks at our house!!! We are happy to have a month break before we celebrate Scott's!!!

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