Monday, August 3, 2009

Disney- Day 1

I took 932 pictures on our 6 day trip. And soooo many of them turned out really cute! But I am not going to post all my pics for ya!!! It would take too long. So I am just going to give you a sample of some of my favorites from each day! If you are a Facebook friend- I put more on my FB page so you can check them out.

Day 1- We left (a half hour ahead of schedule!!!) on Monday morning. The kids did really well with the 6 hour drive. When we got to Anahiem, our hotel room wasn't ready so we headed over to Disneyland!!!

The first ride we did was Dumbo. It also ended up being the last ride of the day!!!! We waited 45 minutes in line for this one. And it was sooooo hot!!! After the ride we were dripping in sweat.

So we headed back to the hotel for some swimming to cool down....

After dinner we headed to California Adventures to see the electric light parade.

The twins fell asleep before the parade. Scott got the kids some Mickey Mouse ice creams and we woke the girls up for them. But it was a tough job!!!! They must have been exhasuted! We were shoving the ice cream in their mouth as it melted everywhere! It was a mess!!!

The parade was fantastic!!!! Laynee especially loved it!!! The characters were coming right up to her and she wasn't even scared. After the parade we were able to see the fireworks in Disneyland too. Very cool. It was a great first day!!!

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