Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disneyland- Day 6

Saturday was our last day in California : ( We only had a little while left so we decided to ride as many of our favorite rides as possible! We got to Disneyland as soon as it opened and rode rides for 2 hours. Then we went to California Adventures and rode rides for a couple hours. And then we headed back to Disneyland for another hour!!!!OMG- isn't she adorable?!

Scott and I took all for kids on the Mtterhorn for the first time. We were sure they would be scared since they got scared on much lesser rides in the days prior. But we wanted to go!!! Turns out that all 3 girls LOVED it!!! Kyler was scared!!!! So Scott ended up taking the 3 girls on the ride a second time while I waited with Kyler.

When we were in Californai Adventures, we rode on Toy Story Mania a couple more times!!! Gotta love riding your favorite ride with no wait!!!!

And before we left Californai Adventures we had to go see Lightning Maqueen and Mator!

When we went back to Disneyland we rode 3 more rides. It was VERY hot and crowded. And Danika had a couple serious meltdowns including one on the tea cup ride and another in the middle of a really busy walk way. It was time to go home!!!!!
Our last picture as we headed out of the park.....

The ride home seemed long! I had some serious sunburn on my back and the kids fought non-stop. : ( We were all tired!!!!! We finally made it home around 9pm on Saturday! And the girls had their bday party on Sunday! No time for rest at our house!
We had such a fantastic time on vacation. The kids behaved so well. It was really cute to take them on a ride and then have them declare "that was awesome!" when we got off!!! It made every long hot line worth it!!!! Thanks to Scott for making this vacation possible! We'll never forget it. Especially after I scrap the 932 pics I took!!!!! Yay!!!

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Whitney Lawton said...

Jamie- you have the CUTEST family! I loved the pictures of the girls on their birthday. That had to have been the best birthday ever! I'm 23 and I'm jealous! My birthdays aren't as near as exciting ;) lol Anyway cute pictures all around- looks like you guys had a blast!