Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disneyland Day 4- A BIG Birthday celebration!

It's Day 4 in Disneyland and it's a super special day!!! It's Danika and Makenzie's 4th birthday!!!! And since Laynee's birthday is just 4 days away, she is going to celebrate right along with them!!! We needed a girly birthday celebration!!!! So.......we took the girls to Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique!!! They got to dress up like their favorite princess and then they got their hair, make-up, and nails done!!!! Oh my goodness, it was so cute!!!!!
They covered the girls hair in "pixie dust."

And after they were all made up, they had a little photo shoot with Cinderella's carriage!!!!

Then we had to do our own photo shoot with the castle. Isn't this shot a perfect one?! Thanks Scott!!!

My sweet birthday princesses!

Then.....we took the girls to Ariel's Grotto in California Adventures to have breakfast with the princesses!!!!!

I love how Kenzie is staring in awe at Cinderella! (But my Cinderella is prettier than Disney's!!!)

Breakfast was a tad stressful for Scott and I. It was just hard to visit with the characters and feed the kids. It all seemed so rushed. But the girls loved it and that is all that matters!
Then the girls got chocolate cake!!! Yum!

And since Kyler didn't get one, the girls were sweet enough to share! Awwww!

Before we left CA Adventures, I had to get some more photos!
Daddy and his Kenzie....

Daddy and Princess Danika.....

Daddy and Princess Laynee....

We spent the rest of the day in the Disneyland park riding a ton of rides and visiting with some more characters!!! We were there for a total of 14 1/2 hours!!!!

After dinner, the twins took a short nap in the stroller.
Here is Sleeping Beauty......lol

Later in the evening the kids had Mickey Mouse suckers while we waited for the fireworks show! Also, each kid got to go pick out their souvenere. (Thanks Aunt Kim and Uncle E for the birthday gift cards!!!)

The kids loved the fireworks! We got to see Tinkerbell and Dumbo fly. I have missed that every other time so it was neat to see it!!!!
Laynee konked out in the stroller on the LONG walk back to the hotel. Scott stood her up to unlock the hotel door. he thought she was awake! Not so!!! She fell straight foward! We caught her. But then we laughed at her!!!!
We could not believe how well behaved the kids were! We were in the park for a long time. No break today!!! And we did A LOT of walking!!! But the kids had so much fun!!! It was the perfect girly birthday!!!!! I hope they remember this one for a long time. I know I will!!!!

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