Monday, August 3, 2009

Disneyland Day 2

I took tons of pics on day 2!!! I just loved their outfits and we did a ton or rides that day and saw lots of characters! Here are the kids as we were waiting to get in the park...We saw lots of characters when we first walked in the gates. Laynee was a bit scared. But not as scared as she has been in the past. She would go see the characters as long as Scott was holding her! The other kids were excited and in awe to see all their favorite cartoon characters!

You have to get the traditional castle pic!

The first ride of the day was the tea cups and the kids loved it! We ended up on these several more times!!!!! They also loved Small World, Alice and Wonderland, the Whinnie the Pooh ride, the train, and the storybook boat ride.

We went to Toontown! The kids were excited to go to Mickey and Minnie's house!

I love this one.....

Kyler took this pic....

Scott got me some ears....... Yes, I am a dork!

Time for more rides and more characters!!!

I was so excited whn I spotted Mickey and Minnie together before the parade!!! I wanted a pic with the girls in these dresses!!!! I know I am weird. And Scott is used to it.

Parade time! This is the celebrate parade. I told the girls that it was a parade just for their birthday!!! They loved it. They even got in the street and danced with the characters!!! So fun. before the parade I gave the kids big suckers. Nice thought. But bad idea!!!! Those were some sticky kids!!!!

After the parade we went to the Haunted House. This was one of Kyler's favorit rides in Disney World. So he took the girls on it. Makenzie was very scared and he help her hand and told her not to be scared. Too cute!!!! Then we did Piarates of the Carebean (which scared them too) and a few other rides before calling it a night.
Laynee was so exhausted that she konked out on the bus back to our hotel. It was very cute to see her sprawled across 3 seats, sound asleep. She didn't wake up until we stuck her in the shower!
What a fun day we had!!!!

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