Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disneyland Trip- Day 5

So we didn't actually go to Disneyland on Day 5. We took a break to spend a day at the beach!!!! It was a blast!!! We went to Newport Beach. It was so much cleaner than most of the beaches I have been too in California! And the water was just warm enough that the kids would venture in!!! Here are my cuties.....

All the kids loved digging and building castles....

Danika nd Kyler especially enjoyed playing in the water. They were jumping waves with daddy. There were some pretty big waves!!!

Danika decided to make a sand angel. Cute!

Scott spent AT LEAST an hour riding the waves!!! It was pretty funny to watch. It was like he was a kid again!!!!

By this point it was hard to tell the sand from the glitter in their hair!

After 5 hours of beach play, we went back to our hotel to swim. The real reason was to get some of the sand off the kids!!!!! Then we got dressed and headed right back to Newport Beach. We had dinner outside at the end of the pier. It was beautiful outside and lots of fun!!

He's eating a strawberry sundae with Danika. On the way back to the hotel she puked up the sundae all over the back seat. Fun times!!!

Day 5 was a blast!!!!! This is by far the BEST family vacation!!! Only one more day left...

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