Friday, August 7, 2009

Piano Lessons for Kyler and Danika!

Kyler took piano lessons last year. Danika has been telling me all year that when she turned 4- she wanted to take piano lessons as well. Well she turned 4!!! I was excited that they could both be in the same class. Tuesday night was the first class. They were so excited!!! Danika wanted to go the moment she woke up in the morning!
She picked the same piano bag as Kyler.

Danika was the only gitl in the class. But I think she will be fine with that. We have plenty of girls at home!!! And Kyler was her big helper in class!!! He said that Danika is his best friend. Gotta love it!!!

As we were leaving, Danika said "that was awesome! Can we come back tomorrow morning?" So sweet!!!

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