Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Fashion

By now you must all know how much I adore dressing my kids in cute outfits!!! I especially love dressing them in Halloween and Christmas outfits!!! Since yesterday was the 1st, they got to start wearing the Halloween clothes!

And then another set of dresses today....

Are you wondering why no pics of Kyler???? Today was his school picture day!!! Check him out...

Seriouslly, he looked adorable today!!!!

Scott and I went to the Brad Paisley/ Dierks Bently concert last night in Phoenix!!! It was one of the very best concerts I have ever been too!!!! I danced, and sang, and screamed the entire time. Not much voice today!!!! And hardly any sleep for us! I don't really have any pictures because the security guard wouldn't let me bring my camera in because he said it looked too professional. Scott had to make a mile jog back to the car with it. And when we got to our seats, I was a little annoyed to see tons of people with camera just like mine. I guess we got the security guard who is a stickler :(

My poor Makenzie is sitting next to me on the couch right now. She went to preschool today feeling fine. But after an hour she threw up and had to come home. She has been throwing up every 20 minutes for the last couple hours. I feel so sorry for her :( I am hoping she gets better fast and that the other kids don't catch it.

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