Monday, October 19, 2009

The Science Center- Robot Exhibit

I am a tad bit behind on my blogging thanks to getting sick 2 weeks in a row and a ton of homework assignments to complete while the kids were out on fall break! Kyler and the twins went back to school this morning and I got tons of homework done, plus I am feeling much better!!! But I really did enjoy having the kids home for fall break. We did so much!!!! A wedding and family reunion mini vacation, a movie, out to eat a couple times, the science center, shopping, MOPS, Bible Study, soccer game, and a birthday party. It is no wonder I got sick!!! We were on the go all week!

So here are some pics from our visit to the Science Center on Wednesday.....

Building their own robots (which was the coolest par tin my opinion)...

Then after the Science Center we had lunch at TGI Fridays at the ball park. It was fun!

And after that we spent 3 hours (no exageration) at Toys R Us doing Christmas Wish Lists for the kids. It took forever because the store had no idea what they were doing!!!! And then when I got home I looked up the lists online and found that they are all mixed up! Some of Kyler's toys are on Laynee's list, etc. Oye!!! Oh well!!! The kids had fun and now I have a great idea what they want for Christmas!!!

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