Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Super Sunday!!!

It's Sunday evening. Scott is at work and all the kids are in bed. And I feel like it was such a fun day! I got to spend some individual time with some of the kids (which is rare!) and we got to do things together as a family too.

This morning, Makenzie and I were cuddling in bed together and we decided it would be nice if we made an egg breakfast for the whole family. So she was my big helper. And we all enjoyed a breakfast together. That is very rare!

Then Makenzie and I went to do some shopping together. We had lots of time to talk and I love that. And while we were gone- Laynee dusted, Kyler cleaned the bathroom, and Danika helped to fold laundry. They were so excited about being big helpers!!!! Woooo Hooo!!! I see a chore chart coming in our very near future ; )

Kyler was my lunch helper. We made grilled cheese sandwiches (his choice) for everyone.

Then it was nap time. I got a whole bunch of homework done while the kids were napping. I am stressing a bit about getting everything done this week since it is my brother's wedding. I have some more favors to make and the place cards. Plu, I have to pack the family to be away for 2 nights. Plus I have my usual stuff: piano lessons, dance lessons, preschool, parent/teacher conferences, bible study and my school work. All this must be done by the time we go to bed Wednesday!!!! So I felt so good about getting a head start on my homework!!!

After naps- we made a craft project with all of the kids. Makenzie and I got gords at the grocery stor (78 cents!) and the kids painted them black and made them into Halloween cats!!!! Here are some pics of the craft....

And here are the finished projects......

Adorable, right????

Now who is sweeter in this pic???

After the craft was done, Scott took Makenzie, Laynee and Kyler to the park to play some soccer. Danika stayed home with me. We baked 2 pumpkin pies and made a chicken casserole for dinner. She loves cooking and baking!!!! And I have found that if she helps to make it- she will eat it. Otherwise, she is super picky.

And now I am all caught up on my blogging too!!!!
Ever since school started I have not had any time to scrapbook. I have evn cut back significantly on my Facebook time!!!! Sacrifices!!!! I am off to do my homework!

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