Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

While Scott was sleeping today I took the kids to Mother Nature's Pumpkin patch. The kids had the best time!!!!! I love the pumpkin patch for cute photos!!!! So here are a handful of the 200 I took!

Laynee is trying to pick up the pumpkin! She is trying so hard!

It was Kyler's idea to do a picture on this tractor that is in the gift shop! I guess he is my little assistant!

The only group shot we got!!!!

The kids loved the haw3 maze. They ran through it a few times! I laughed when Laynee beat all the big kids!!!

There were goats and cows. The kids loved the cow because it ate right out of their hands!

Then all the kids got to pick a small pumpkin and decorate it with stickers.

After a fun picnic lunch, we went and had the kids' faces painted!!!
Danika got a rainbow....

Laynee got a butterfly....

Makenzie got a princess wand...

Kyler got an American flag....

And then the kids had some cotton candy. I think it was the first time they had cotton candy! It was a hit!

We had a great day!!! Danika hugged me a million times tonight and kept thanking me for taking her to the pumpkin patch. She told me that I am "the best." Awwww. The only thing that would have made the day nicer is if Scott could have joined us. But he did spend the day with us yesterday when we went to Kyler's soccer game, out for lunch, and to an airplane show. This has just been a fun filled weekend! We have more Halloween fun planned for this week!!! Preschool Halloween party tomorrow!

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