Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Fun Fall Fashion!

My kids are getting used to stopping for a photo every day on our way out of the house. They have the routine down!!!

Here they are yesterday as we were leaving to go see Toy Story Double feature in 3D. (So fun!!!)

Makenzie was just feeling so so. I told her we could stay home and watch the movie but she got upset about that. Since she hadn't thrown up since the night before, I let her go. And she did just fine!

And here they are this morning in yet another Halloween outfit!!!! I got them this dress last year and it was a tad short this year so I just got some black leggings to go under it!ANd when I had the girls' dresses made I asked the lady to make Kyler a matching shirt. Love it!

I still have one more Halloween outfit that they haven't worn yet this year!!! Then we will have to start repeating.

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