Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day at the Zoo

On Sunday we took the kids to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson. It is the perfect zoo for kids. It's small- so not too much walking. And the animals are super close so the kids can actually see them. And Scott and I like it because it is cheap! It is only $20 to get our entire family of 6 in!

Don't you just love those monkey back packs? Scott and I hold on to the tails so that we don't loose any kids. It really helps in busy places like the zoo where there are lots of little kids. I once lost Kyler at this very zoo. That's when we decided to buy those monkies! Now Kyler has passed his down to Laynee. This was her first time coming to the zoo without the stroller.

They have a little train that the we ride through Reid Park. The kids love it. Maybe even more than the zoo!

After the train ride, we went back into the zoo to feed the giaraffes. Isn't that cool?!!! This is Laynee feeding him. I can't believe that she is scared of cats but will let a giaraffe eat out of her hand! After Kyler fed him- he started petting his head. lol!

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