Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing at the Park- FINALLY!

Sorry, I have been MIA. Work and family have kept me very busy. Plus, I took a night off to watch the election returns. I am still a bit of a political junckie so election night is the like the superbowl for me!

The big news here is that it has finally cooled down!!! The past 2 days have been in the 70's! It is suposed to be back in the 80's tomorrow. I am fine with that. Just no more 90's!!!! Since it was so nice yesterday- I finished working a little early and took the kids to the park. Kyler said "This is going to be awesome!" And they all had a blast. Until they started fighting : )

Do you love the band aid on Makenzie's head? She went down a slide at school- head first and got a scratch. She insisted on a band aid.
Yesterday morning Kyler had a Child Find Appointment. Child Find is a special program that we have for pre schoolers who are having a little trouble and need a little one-on-one teaching to be ready for Kindergarden. Did you know that pre-schoolers could get behind? Well his teachers thought he was behind. But the screening showed that he is right on target and exactly age appropriate. I could have told you that!
We have a busy weekend ahead of ourselves- but I will post again soon!

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