Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Updates

Sorry I have been MIA for the past week. Things have been for busy!!! My work is very busy- which is a good thing.

A not so good thing is that Scott's car died a couple of weeks ago. The engine cracked. And we had just replaced the engine last October. Of course, the warrenty was only a one year warrenty. The car just wasn't worth repairing and so we had to start car shopping. After a couple days in Scottsdale- he got his new car. It's a 2009 Hundai Accent. It's small- but perfect for commuting.

And poor Kyler... he is feeling the pain of the bad economy. I decided to cut his hair myself! I have never done this before- but decided it couldn't be too hard.

It actually turned out fine- but for some reason we forgot to take a photo when it was done!
Laynee has been potty training now for about 10 days and she is doing great! This morning she modeled her patties for me!

And I didn't want to leave the twins out... so here is a cute shot of them reading books together! Usually they are fighting so when we catch them being friends- we have to take a picture!

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Nice car!
I just sunk $1500 to fix the transmission last week. Thought about buying a new (used) car, but since the rest of my 150,000 mile car is in decent shape, I decided to stick with this one for another year or two.

Love Cousin Jen