Sunday, November 9, 2008

the Weekend Update

Sorry- no pictures today. I am not feally well and didn't want to upload and edit pictures! But here is a little update on what we have been doing...

- Friday night we did a fun craft. I paited each of the kids hands and we made little hand turkies and some white cardstock. I framed them all. Very cute!

-Saturday morning we went and saw Madagascar 2. I ddin'r like it. It was more adult humor (and not really all that funny in my opinion) and the kids didn't get it. They got bored. Of course, Scott liked it. We are complete opposites.

-I worked the rest of the day on Saturday so Scott took the kids to the park and they did a lot of playing in the toy room.

-this morning we went to church.

-And this afternoon we had a birthday party for a 2 year old to attend. It was incredibly windy- but the kids still had fun.

But guess's raining out right now!!! It has not rained since August so it is nice!! It's cold, windy, and thundering. Only us Desert Rats can apprciate that!

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