Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

Ok I promise that this is my last Halloween post for the year!!! I just wanted to show you the trick or treaters from Friday night!

The Dorothy is Bryan's finacee's daughter, Lexi.

The kids loved trick or treating this year! Kenzie was always at the front of the crowd running to each door! And Laynee did her best to keep up with the big kids. Eventutally she gave Scott her candy bucket because it was too heavy to carry. But that didn't stop her from going to get more candy! Kyler wanted to completly fill his bucket! And Danika was a bit of a slow poke- as usual! They were all adorable!!!

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azhawk said...

They were soooo much fun! :-)
Could I please have the full size pic so I can do one last desktop picture of Halloween?