Monday, November 9, 2009

Danika and Kyler's Recital

Danika and Kyler have been taking piano lessons together. This is Kyler's second year and Danika's first year. They had their first recital of the year this past Saturday. They have been working on rythm and stuff like how long to hold a note. So for this recital they actually played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on sticks, the triangle, and the bell. They were very cute!

I cannot tell you just how much Kyler loves having his sister in class with him!!! They are best buddies!

Here they are performing their song. Since 2 kids were absent, Scott got to help the class....

Makenzie was so funny in the audience. She was clapping like crazy for everyone after they played. And then she started sticking her tounge out to the beat of the music.

Here is Kyler and Danika with Ms. Cindy (who is so excellent with them!)......

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