Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kyler's Thanksgiving Program

Kyler had a Thanksgiving program this morning. I was really impressed!!!! I cannot believe how many cute songs (accompanied with hand movements) the teachers were able to teach these little guys!!! Can you imagine a play with 60 Kindergateners?!!!! And yet- it was AWESOME!!!!

Kyler was a pilgrim. And he had a line in the show too. "K is for kitchen!" He was proud. And I was too. He was cute and even though he gets a little stage fright, he still sang!

Here is Kyler with his girls.....

My Pilgrim Boy.....

And Mammy and Kyler....

I am just loving Kyler's school!!! They have such fun activities for the kids!!! Next week they are having a holiday night with Santa and gingerbread houses!!! Can't wait!!!
So tomorrow we will be celebrating at my parent's house. They are doing all the cooking and we are just showing up to eat. Not a bad deal, huh? I cannot wait for the squash!!!!! YUM!!!!
Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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